This page is for user management.

You can access Users management in two ways : either by clicking Users icon on FusionDirectory main page

Picture of Users icon in FusionDirectory

or by clicking Users entry in Users and Groups Menu on the left

Picture of Users and Groups menu in FusionDirectory

You will be directed on users management page

Picture of Users management page in FusionDirectory


All management pages you will see in FusionDirectory look like this. This one allows to manage users.

Click on one user entry in order to access this user’s information overview

Picture of User information overview in FusionDirectory

FusionDirectory is based on tabs. You will find the same tab-system in plugins, configuration etc.

Activated tabs are always in black and non-activated tab are gray.

Picture of User tabs in FusionDirectory


The following actions are available:

Create User: Create a new user

Picture of create user menu in FusionDirectory

Create From template: Create a new user from a template

Picture of create user from template menu in FusionDirectory

Create Template: Create a user template

Picture of create template menu in FusionDirectory

Edit: Edit an existing user

Picture of edit user menu in FusionDirectory

Remove: Delete an existing user

Picture of remove user menu in FusionDirectory

Lock users: Lock existing users

Picture of lock users menu in FusionDirectory

Unlock users: Unlock existing users

Picture of unlock users menu in FusionDirectory

Apply template: Apply a template to an existing user

Picture of apply template menu in FusionDirectory

Export list

  • PDF: Export the current object list as a PDF document

  • CSV: Export the current object list as a CSV file

Picture of export menu in FusionDirectory

Copy: Copy users

Picture of copy menu in FusionDirectory

Cut: Cut users to move them

Picture of cut menu in FusionDirectory

Paste: Paste copied or cut users to the current base

Picture of paste menu in FusionDirectory

Restore snapshots: Restore snapshots of users

Picture of restore snapshots menu in FusionDirectory


On the right, you have a very practical Filter menu. The filter box let you filter what you are listing.

You can select which object types you want to list or hide, if you want to show templates or hide them.

You can also filter objects depending on which tabs are activated on them.

You can also use the text box to do a text search.

Picture of filters overview in FusionDirectory

Click on the filter you are interested in in order to show all the users that apply to that filter.

For example, if you select “Mail” filter, you will see the list of users having Mail plugin installed

Picture of show Mail filter in FusionDirectory

Checking the “Search in subtrees” checkbox allows to search in the whole subtree under the current base.

Picture of search in subtrees filter in FusionDirectory

There is an option to search on attribute dependent on the columns displayed in list.

When you put your cursor on the magnifying glass icon under filter menu, a black line will appear, describing the different items displayed for this user

Picture of magnifying glass icon in FusionDirectory


In the list you see objects matching current filter options under the currently selected base.

In this example, we selected the following filter : Mail

Picture of Mail filter in FusionDirectory

You can click on column headers to sort the list

Picture of column headers in FusionDirectory

and you can quickly access actions on an object using the icons in the last column

Picture of actions in FusionDirectory

You may also check several objects in the first column and apply an action to all of them using the actions menu.

Under the list is a summary of how many objects of each type are shown (in this example there is 1 Department and 3 Users

Picture of type of objects in FusionDirectory


In FusionDirectory you can show each icon description by simply putting the cursor on the concerned icon

For example, the “floppy disk” icon means “Create a new snapshot from this object”

Picture of floppy disk icon in FusionDirectory