This page allows to manage Tasks objects

Picture of mail template within FusionDirectory

You can create new Tasks easily.

Picture of tasks creation within FusionDirectory
  • Time: Allows the schedule of the tasks to be timed in Hours:Minutes:Seconds format.

Select the type of tasks available.

Picture of tasks - subtasks creation within FusionDirectory
  • Acticate Subtasks: Allows the creation of subtasks which will be processed by FusionDirectory Orchestrator.

Choose the options for the mail tasks

Picture of tasks mail creation within FusionDirectory
  • Mail Template: Allows the selection of previsously created mail template.

  • Members: Allows the selection of users and groups as well as LDAP filtering options.

Picture of tasks mail creation details within FusionDirectory
  • Sender: Allows to setup the source e-mail address.

  • Mail Type: Multiple e-mails attributes exists, it allows the selection of one in particular for selected members.


  • The default “Primary Address” from Mail plugin is being used by default.

  • If selected members have no e-mails configured for the attribute type selected, e-mails won’t be received.