ACL Roles

This page allows to manage ACL Roles

Click on ACL roles icon on FusionDirectory main page

Picture of ACL roles icon in FusionDirectory

You will be directed to ACL roles management page, where you can see the list of all created ACL roles

Picture of ACL roles management page in FusionDirectory


ACL roles can be used to give rights to users through ACL assignment. Setup offers to create a few default roles for you with common usecases.

If you click on one ACL role, you will see the rights of this role

Picture of ACL roles details page in FusionDirectory

The following actions are available:

Create ACL role: Create a new ACL role

Picture of create ACL role menu in FusionDirectory

Edit: Edit an existing ACL role

Picture of edit ACL user menu in FusionDirectory

Remove: Delete an existing ACL role

Picture of remove ACL role menu in FusionDirectory

Export list

  • PDF: Export the current object list as a PDF document

  • CSV: Export the current object list as a CSV file

Picture of export menu in FusionDirectory

Copy: Copy ACL role

Picture of copy menu in FusionDirectory

Cut: Cut ACL roles to move them

Picture of cut menu in FusionDirectory

Paste: Paste copied or cut ACL roles to the current base

Picture of paste menu in FusionDirectory

Restore snapshots: Restore snapshots of ACL roles

Picture of restore snapshots menu in FusionDirectory