This tool will help you to manage the schemas needed by FusionDirectory into the ldap server



List inserted schemas and the number off attributes and objectClass


Insert the given list of schemas


Insert the given list of schemas, replacing already inserted versions of those schemas


Empty the given list of schemas, removing attributes and objectClasses from those. This is useful because you cannot delete a schema in openldap < 2.5


Remove the schema already inserted if LDAP version is higher or equals 2.5.


Show you the content of a schema


Show you the inline manual


verbose output


Insert the schema myschema (.ldif or .schema) from working directory

fusiondirectory-schema-manager --insert-schema myschema.schema

Replace the existing schema by a new version of the same schema

fusiondirectory-schema-manager --replace-schema myschema.schema

Empty the schema myschema

fusiondirectory-schema-manager --empty-schema myschema

Show the schema

fusiondirectory-schema-manager --show-schema myschema