This tool is designed to help install FusionDirectory plugin referenced in the FusionDirectory marketplace or a developpers git



Register a plugin within LDAP without copying the required files of the plugin itself.


Un-register a plugin already registered within your LDAP.


Install the required files for your plugin in correct directories an register the plugin within LDAP.


Remove the registered plugin and its related files.


List the registered plugins.


Register a plugin installed

fusiondirectory-plugins-manager --register-plugin /etc/fusiondirectory/yaml/alias/description.yaml
Installing : cn=alias,ou=pluginManager,dc=formation-fusiondirectory,dc=org ..

Unregister a plugin installed

fusiondirectory-plugins-manager --unregister-plugin alias
alias plugin has been successfully unregistered

List plugins installed into FusionDirectory

fusiondirectory-plugins-manager --list-plugins
Number of plugins installed : 1
Plugin : alias is installed


Those two commands are for plugin installed from outside source like the marketplace or the git of a developer

Install a plugin within FusionDirectory.

fusiondirectory-plugins-manager --install-plugin notes

Remove a plugin within FusionDirectory.

fusiondirectory-plugins-manager --remove-plugin notes
sorbonne plugin has been successfully removed.