This tool is designed to help you migrate your FusionDirectory instance from one version to another



List deprecated attributes and objectClass.


List LDAP entries using deprecated attributes or objectClass.


Print an LDIF removing deprecated attributes.


Remove Supann root establishment from FusionDirectory release < v1.4.


This option check your LDAP tree for duplicated uidNumber or gidNumber among users and groups.


This option add FusionDirectory attributes to the people branch.


This allows migrating your system if FusionDirectory release is < v1.4.


This option will list the variables you can change to install FusionDirectory on another set of directories. This option is intended for people wanting to install from the sources.


This option will change the variable for the FusionDirectory installation. it is only useful with –install-directories and for people installing from sources.



fusiondirectory-migration-manager --migrate-users