SupAnn Status

The plugin also adds a tab on users to see/set the current state of their resources. Default available resources are the mail account and the account itself.

Go to SupAnn status tab and click on “”Add SupAnn status settings” button

Picture of "Add SupAnn status settings" button in FusionDirectory

You will now see the Status Settings menu to fill

Picture of SupAnn status settings menu in FusionDirectory

Fill-in the following fields :

  • * : State of the account and associated resources (required)
  • Resource : which resource this state concerns (required)
  • Status : active status (required)
  • Substatus : substatus
  • Start date : date this status started
  • End date : date this status will end

You can also set the start date and end date of the current status for a resource.

If you set an end date, you either have to change the status yourself or use our tool argonaut-user-reminder with the option –supann-update.

argonaut-user-reminder should run daily to keep the status consistent.

Click on “OK”button bottom right to save your settings

Picture of OK button in FusionDirectory