SupAnn custom lists

  • How use custom lists

For some attributes like diplome you can extend them with a custom file in /etc/fusiondirectory/supann/

This process works for the following attributes:

  • supannTypeEntiteAffectation (entite) only from FD 1.3
  • supannEtuDiplome_diplome (diplome)
  • supannEtuEtape (etuetape is default empty)
  • supannEtuElementPedagogique (etuelementpedagogique is default empty)
  • supannActivite (activite)
  • supannRoleGenerique (role)

You need to do the following to make it work.

  • Add a file like diplome_CUSTOM in /etc/fusiondirectory/supann/
  • Fill your file with your customs entries

In FusionDirectory you will need to select your “CUSTOM” part before selecting your entry that are in your file