FusionDirectory is a Web application that will need:

  • a webserver;

  • PHP;

  • an ldap server;

Web server

FusionDirectory requires a web server that supports PHP, like:


As of 1.4 release, FusionDirectory requires PHP 7.3 or 7.4.

Mandatory extensions

Following PHP extensions are required for the app to work properly:

  • cas: for CAS authentication;

  • curl: to communicate with different types of servers and protocols

  • filter: to filters a variable with a specified filter;

  • fpdf: to export data in pdf format;

  • gd: to generate images;

  • iconv : for the samba integration;

  • imagick : to handle images;

  • imap: to handle imap servers management;

  • json: to get support for JSON data format;

  • mbstring: to manage multi bytes characters;

  • ldap: to connect and query the ldap server;

  • openssl: secured communications and generation of secure tokens;

  • session: to get user sessions support;

  • simplexml;

  • xml.

Optional extensions


Even if those extensions are not mandatory, we advise you to install them anyways.

Following PHP extensions are required for some extra features of FusionDirectory :

  • gettext : for an internationalized interface.

  • mhash : to make use of SSHA encryption

  • sha1 : to make use of SSHA encryption

  • zlib: to handle snapshots;


PHP configuration file (php.ini) must be adapted to reflect following variables:

expose_php = Off;
implicit_flush = Off;
memory_limit = 512M ;      // max memory limit
max_execution_time = 30 ;  // not mandatory but adviced
session.auto_start = off ;

LDAP server

For FusionDirectory to work you need an ldap server.

Servers know to work are :