Migrate FusionDirectory from to

Upgrade FusionDirectory first

Upgrade FusionDirectory core package before other ones to avoid dependencies errors:

apt-get install fusiondirectory

Upgrade FusionDirectory schema package too.

apt-get install fusiondirectory-schema

Upgrade of LDAP directory

You have to update your LDAP schemas, first update the FusionDirectory core schemas.

fusiondirectory-insert-schema -m /etc/ldap/schema/fusiondirectory/core-fd.schema

fusiondirectory-insert-schema -m /etc/ldap/schema/fusiondirectory/core-fd-conf.schema

Check for deprecated attributes and objectClasses in your LDAP

since FusionDirectory two new options are in fusiondirectory-setup

  • fusiondirectory-setup –list-deprecated List deprecated attributes and objectclasses Deprecated attributes:

gosaUnitTag                    (Takes a list of relevant mime-type|priority settings)          -
gosaSnapshotType               (Takes either undo or snapshot)                                 -
fdHonourUnitTags               (FusionDirectory - Honour unit tags)                            -

Deprecated objectClasses:

gosaAdministrativeUnitTag      (Marker for objects below administrational units (v2.6.1))      -
gosaAdministrativeUnit         (Marker for administrational units (v2.6.1))                    -
fusiondirectory-setup --check-deprecated
List LDAP entries using deprecated attributes or objectclasses
There are no entries in the LDAP using obsolete attributes
There are no entries in the LDAP using obsolete classes
  • fusiondirectory-setup –check-deprecated will output an ldif file on the console that you can use with ldapmodify to clean you ldap server from old attributes and objectClasses


Please read it carefully before applying !!