Migrate FusionDirectory from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7

Upgrade fusiondirectory first

Upgrade FusionDirectory core package before other ones to avoid dependencies errors:


Add new debian-extra repo to you source list

deb http://repos.fusiondirectory.org/debian-extra jessie main
apt-get update
apt-get install fusiondirectory
apt-get upgrade

Upgrade of LDAP directory

You have to update your LDAP schemas, first update the FusionDirectory core schemas. We have put a new option in fusiondirectory-insert-schema that allow you to update easily your schema without the use of ldif files.

The following schemas needs an update :

  • core-fd-conf.schema
  • mail-fd.schema
  • service-fd.schema
  • systems-fd-conf.schema
  • systems-fd.schema
fusiondirectory-insert-schema -m /etc/ldap/schema/fusiondirectory/core-fd-conf.schema

You must do the same procedure for all other schema needing an update