Argonaut Client

  • Edit the system and click on the Argonaut Client tab

    Picture of the Argonaut Client tab
  • Activate Argonaut Client

    Activate Argonaut Client


Argonaut client settings

Informations related to Argonaut Client
  • Client port: the port used for Argonaut Client
  • Protocol: use http or https to connect to Argonaut Client
  • WakeOnLan interface: on which interface listend for wake on lan
  • Taskid file: file used for writing the taskid
  • Log directory: directory for Argonaut Server logs

SSL paths

SSL informations related to Argonaut Client
  • Key: key used for https connection
  • Certificate: certificate used for https connection
  • CA certificate: ca used for https connections
  • CN of the certificate: custom CN if the hostname doesn’t match by the certificate

Service names

Services files in /etc/init.d
  • folder: directory where the start scripts for the services are stored