The fusiondirectory.conf file is a XML style configuration file. It is parsed by FusionDirectory during log in. The file may contain extra tabs and newlines for formatting purposes. Tag keywords in the file are case-insensitive. Comments should be placed outside of XML tags and should be encapsulated inside of <!– –> tags.

Configuration layout

The configuration has to be specified inside of the <conf> tags. It is composed by a main configuration - including information about several locations.

Layout example:

<?xml version="1.0"?>


    <!-- Global setup -->

        <!-- Location specific setups -->
          <location name="">




Main section

The main section defines global settings, which might be overridden by each location definition inside of this global definition.

Example layout:

<main default="Example Net" listSummary="false" >

  <location name="Example Net">


     <referral uri="ldaps://" base="dc=example,dc=net"
     password="secret" />



Main section options

forceSSL bool

The forceSSL statement enables PHP security checks to force encrypted access to the web interface. FusionDirectory will try to redirect to the same URL just with https://.

logging bool

The logging statement enables event logging on FusionDirectory side. Setting it to true, FusionDirectory will log every action a user performs via syslog. If you use rsyslog and configure it to mysql logging, you can browse all events within FusionDirectory. FusionDirectory will not log anything, if the logging value is empty or set to false.

templateCompileDirectory path

The templateCompileDirectory statements defines the path, where the PHP templating engins smarty should store its compiled FusionDirectory templates for improved speed. This path needs to be writeable by the user your webserver is running with.

ignoreAcl dn

The ignoreAcl value tells FusionDirectory to ignore complete ACL sets for the given DN. Add your DN here and you’ll be able to restore accidentally dropped ACLs.

displayerrors bool

The displayerrors statement tells FusionDirectory to show PHP errors in the upper part of the screen. This should be disabled in productive deployments, because there might be some important passwords around.

Location section options

name string

The name of this location section that will appear in the dropdown on FusionDirectory homepage

config dn

The config statement defines the LDAP base, where FusionDirectory stores management information, such as site wide locking and user notifications.

debuglevel integer

The debuglevel value tells FusionDirectory to display certain information on each page load. Value is an OR combination of the following byte values :


  • DEBUG_LDAP = 2

  • DEBUG_DB = 4


  • DEBUG_POST = 16



  • DEBUG_ACL = 128


  • DEBUG_MAIL = 512

LDAP options

ldapTLS bool

The ldapTLS statement enables or disables TLS operating on LDAP connections.

ldapFollowReferrals bool

The ldapFollowReferrals statement tells FusionDirectory to follow LDAP referrals.

LDAP resource definition

For every location you define inside your fusiondirectory.conf, you need at least one entry of the type referral. These entries define the way how to connect to some directory service.


<referral uri="ldap://" base="dc=example,dc=net"
 password="secret" />

uri is a valid LDAP uri. base is the base this referral is responsible for. admin is the DN which has the permission to write LDAP entries. And password is the corresponding password for this DN. You can define a set of referrals if you have several server to connect to.