Click on Configuration icon in FusionDirectory main page

Picture of Configuration button in FusionDirectory

Go to Systems tab

Picture of Systems tab in FusionDirectory

Click Edit button bottom right in order to set your Systems data

Picture of Edit button in FusionDirectory

Here are the systems configuration entries

Picture of Systems configuration page in FusionDirectory

Fill-in the follwing fields :

  • Systems RDN : branch in which systems will be stored (required)
  • Server RDN : branch in which servers will be stored (required)
  • Workstations RDN : branch in which workstations will be stored (required)
  • Terminal RDN : branch in which terminals will be stored (required)
  • Printer RDN : branch in which printers will be stored (required)
  • Component RDN : branch in which network devices will be stored (required)
  • Phone RDN : branch in which phones will be stored (required)
  • Mobile phone RDN : branch in which mobile phones will be stored (required)
  • Encodings : available encodings for share services
  • Mandatory IP : objects types for which IP field should be mandatory