• Create a subcontracting user

In FusionDirectory, click on Users icon

Picture of Users icon in FusionDirectory

Select a user

Picture of User line in FusionDirectory

Go to Subcontracting tab

Picture of Subcontracting tab in FusionDirectory

Click on “Add Subcontracting settings” button

Picture of Add Subcontracting settings in FusionDirectory

Fill-in SubContracting Information

  • Intermediate : Contact to the Final Customer
  • Final Customer : Final Customer for this mission
  • Mail Address : mail address assigned for this mission
  • Phone : phone number assigned for this mission
  • Street Address : address where this mission is executed
Picture of Subcontracting information in FusionDirectory

Click on Apply button bottom right to save your settings

Picture of Apply button in FusionDirectory

Now, on your user profile line you can see the Subcontracting icon

Picture of Subcontracting icon in FusionDirectory