• Create Pureftpd User

In order to create a pureftpd user, you need to have a valid pureftpd server in your structure environnement.

Picture of Users icon in FusionDirectory

Click on existing user or create a new one

Picture of User line in FusionDirectory

Click on “Ftp” tab

Picture of Ftp tab in FusionDirectory

Click on “Add Ftp settings” button

Picture of Add Ftp settings button in FusionDirectory

Fill the desired fields

Picture of bandwidth settings in FusionDirectory

Bandwidth :

  • Upload bandwidth (kb/sec) : Maximum upload bandwidth in Kb/sec
  • Download bandwidth (kb/sec) : Maximum download bandwidth in Kb/sec
Picture of ratio settings in FusionDirectory

Ratio :

  • Uploaded files : Defines upload ratio
  • Downloaded files: Defines download ratio
Picture of quota settings in FusionDirectory

Quota :

  • Files : restrict the maximum number of files of a user directory
  • Size (MB) : restrict the maximum size, in MB, of a user directory
Picture of miscellaneous settings in FusionDirectory

Miscellaneous :

  • Enable FTP access : thick the box if needed

Click on “Apply” button bottom right to save your settings

Picture of Apply button in FusionDirectory