• Edit a user

In FusionDirectory, click on users icon

Picture of users icon in FusionDirectory

This will bring you to the users overview

Picture of users overview in FusionDirectory

Click on a user and go to mailinblack tab

Picture of mailinblack tab in FusionDirectory

In this example, I selected peter antoine’s profile

Picture of peter antoine user in FusionDirectory

Activate the mailinblack tab

Screenshot of section Mailinblack of tab Mailinblack of type User
  • Protect: Whether this user is in protect mode in Mailinblack

Click on “Apply” button bottom right

Picture of Apply button in FusionDirectory

Now, if you go back to user list, you will see a new icon that defines that the mailinblack plugin is activated for your user

Picture of Mailinblack icon in FusionDirectory

In FusionDirectory, you get a Mailinblack tab on users, which you should activate on users you want synchronized. Then you can check the checkbox if you want the user to be protected.

LDAP Filters

In mailinblack use :

  • (objectClass=fdMailInBlackUser) as synchronisation filter
  • (fdMailInBlackProtect=TRUE) as protection filter.