• Add Dovecot service

Go to Systems

Picture of Systems button in FusionDirectory
  • Create your server or edit an server

Picture of Server image in FusionDirectory

Click on services tab

Picture of Dovecot services in FusionDirectory

Add Dovecot service

Picture of Dovecot add service in FusionDirectory

Fill the fields for the Dovecot plugin and save it:

  • Hostname: the hostname of the server

  • Port: port for the connexion

  • Option: tls or not

  • Validate certificate: if we validate the certificate or not

Fill in Dovecot connections

Picture of Dovecot connections in FusionDirectory

Fill in Dovecot master credentials

Picture of Dovecot master credentials in FusionDirectory

Click on ok to save your server

Picture of Dovecot save button in FusionDirectory