Add a web application

Picture of Applications create web application in FusionDirectory

A new dialog box will open, fill the forms and save your application :

  • Base: where is the application entry in the LDAP

  • Name: applications name

  • Description: description of the application

  • URL: URL of the application

  • Display Name: the name that we display (FusionDirectory portal)

  • Set your icon for you application (FusionDirectory portal)

Picture of Applications web application filled page in FusionDirectory

Click “ok”, and you will see the wordpress line created in the application

Picture of Applications webapp created line in FusionDirectory

Now, if you click on the menu entry “Groups and roles” on the left, you will find a “role-test” group

Picture of User and roles role-test line in FusionDirectory

If you click on the role-test group, you will see the Applications tab

Picture of Applications tab of role-test in FusionDirectory

Click on the entry that you created before and click “add”, and you will see your webapplication added

Now go to LDAP tab and click on the entry you see

Picture of Applications LDAP tab in FusionDirectory

This will give you an overview of attributes fdApplicationAllowed that you will be able to use in a filter to restrict who can login

Use FusionDirectory as portal

  • Activate portal mode

Go in configuration

Picture of Configuration tab in FusionDirectory

Click on plugins section and then click edit in the bottom right corner

Picture of Plugins tab in FusionDirectory Picture of Edit button in FusionDirectory

Select your portal mode in the “Show web applications in menu” drop-down menu

Picture of Edit button in FusionDirectory
  • None: no use portal mode

  • Only allowed: only allow user that are in a role that have your application

  • All: the icons are displayed for everyone