What is Argonaut ?

Argonaut is the companion of FusionDirectory , is goal is to allow the management of services and integrate the deployment system(s) from FusionDirectory.


Argonaut is composed of a client Argonaut Client and a server Argonaut Server

Both client and server sides can load modules at start, those modules are strongly related to a FusionDirectory plugin.

Modules can be classified into three categories :

  • FusionDirectory integration
  • Services management
  • argonaut-ldap2zone: update a dns zone, create view, create acls for Bind
  • argonaut-quota: apply a quota
  • argonaut-dovecot: create the mailbox quota and applies it Dovecot
  • argonaut-fuse : create on the fly pxelinux.cfg file that matches the type of machine to be deployed, allowing automatic boot during an install by pxe
  • Integration with deployment tools
  • argonaut-fai-nfsroot : Tools, queues and status management for FAI (Fully Automated Install) installations.
  • argonaut-fai-mirror: create a synchronization script Mirror of debian or RPM packages
  • argonaut-fai-monitor: follow FAI installation and report states to FusionDirectory
  • argonaut-fai-server : Argonaut server module to manage FAI
  • argonaut-server-module-opsi : queues, profiles management