• How you can use a trigger

You can access to triggers management via the “Configuration” icon or entry in the “Addons” section of the main page of FusionDirectory

Picture of Configuration icon in FusionDirectory

Access is read-only. If you need to make changes, then you must press the “Edit” button at the bottom right of the window.

Picture of Edit button in FusionDirectory

In Hooks section you can define all your triggers

Picture of Edit button in FusionDirectory
  • Hooks : triggers that are called when specific actions happens

  • Tab : the tab that this triggers concerns (mandatory)

  • Mode : when to call this command (required)

  • Command: the command that will be called (mandatory)

  • Display hook output : when enables successful trigger execution output is displayed to the user using a dialog


The arguments are automatically escape and surrounds by quote so you may not use quote in command.


Picture of Edit button in FusionDirectory

The line :

check        sudo /usr/local/sbin/ %dn% %fdPrivateMail% %givenName% %sn% %uid% %callerGIVENNAME% %callerSN% %passwordClear% %nbCheckErrors%

This will generate an automated e-mail like this :

Hello bilbo the hobbit,

 Your account hbilbo has been created with password "vegOtNubraw7"

 Please follow the next steps:

  - Go to
  - Modify your password.
  - Fill your infos if you want
  - You can access the gitlab at


 FusionDirectory's Team