What is FusionDirectory Orchestrator ?

FusionDirectory Orchestrator provides a web service solution serving a REST API.
It allows a granular management of some specialized tasks.


  • Tasks management.

  • Tasks execution.

  • JWT Authentication methods

Tasks management

FusionDirectory Orchestrator REST API allows the retrieval of existing created Tasks.
Offering a simple view on the status of each tasks.

It is possible to retrieve specialized tasks such as Mail.

Tasks execution

One of the main aspect of FusionDirectory Orchestrator is to allow processing of some desired tasks.
In case of a task of type “Mail”, the list of related emails will be sent if scheduled is matched.
In case of a task of type “Life Cycle”, the specialized supann attributes will be updated accordingly.
In case of a task of type “Notifications”, if an attributes has been modified, emails will be sent out.

JWT authentication

It was decided to enhance our authentication mechanism and use the JWT methodology.
Allowing after proper username/password authentication the reception of an access and refresh token.

The access token is to be used for any operations on FusionDirectory Orchestrator endpoints.