The ldap2zone application is used to generate DNS zone, acls, views and configuration for master and slaves

How it works

Argonaut-ldap2zone read the LDAP and retrieve the information for making the files locally

The arguments are the following:

--verbose      (be verbose)
--noreverse    (Do not write reverse zone)
--norestart    (Do not write reverse zone)
--dumpdir      (Dump the zones and bind configuration to another dir for testing purposes)
--ldap2acls    (Write the the acls needed for bind in named.conf.acls)
--ldap2view    (Write the zones in view format when you want to do split horizon dns)
--slave        (Write the udpated slave zones files)


# Write the updated zones from ldap and refresh bind
argonaut-ldap2zone --verbose
# Write the updated zones from ldap to another directory and don't refresh bind
argonaut-ldap2zone --verbose --norestart --dumpdir dnszone/
# Write the updated zones from ldap in a bind view named internal and refresh bind
argonaut-ldap2zone --verbose --ldap2view internal
# Write the acls from ldap into named.conf.acls
argonaut-ldap2zone --verbose --ldap2acls
# Write the udpated slave zones files
argonaut-ldap2zone --verbose --slave